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Agen Allwedd, along with Daren Cilau, dominates the underworld of the Llangattock escarpment. With over 30km of surveyed passages there are a multitude of different trips and sights to experience, from impressive and sculpted dry passages and fine formations to sporting streamways and exciting climbs, there’s something for everyone. Agen Allwedd (or Aggy, as it’s affectionately known), is also a very important bat roosting site with several hundred Lesser-Horseshoe bats over- wintering within the cave. Access Access is available to any bona fide caving clubs with membership to BCRA or similar body. Information rescued in 2019 from the currently offline MLCMAC (Mmyndd Llangatwg Cave Management Advisory Committee) website is available below. Please note that some of this information is slightly out of date, but the contacts and access procedures are still valid (as of Jan 2020): Access Rules Permit Application Form Contact Details (Note: CSS members can access the cave anytime using the club keys held at Whitewalls)

Popular Trips in Aggy

The Music Room, North Wing and Erse Passage. A relatively easy and pleasant trip, journeying down Main Passage and beyond. Inner and Outer Circle routes, including Turkey Streamway, Summertime Series (with the Dome of St Pauls and the Swiss Village) and the notorious Coal Cellar. The Grand Circle, a sporty and varied trip with plenty of wetness including Southern Stream, Main Stream Passage and Deep Water, plus Biza Passage and some interesting climbs. Priory Road, Iles Inlet and The Courtesan. A well decorated and impressive part of the cave. This can be reached by following the Main Stream Passage, but the quickest/easiest route is via Southern Stream Passage. Maytime, this is a huge impressive stream passage, leading to Sump 4. This is best reached by Southern Stream Passage, and should be avoided in wet weather. Sand Caverns, a really interesting part of the cave with large passages and fine formations. A survey for the cave is available for purchase from CSS at Whitewalls. More photos and descriptions of some of the routes are available on the ogof.org.uk  website.